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We started Global Weddings Online with the singular objective of making it easy for any two qualifying adults to be in love and officialize their love through a U.S. state marriage certificate. No matter the ethnicity, gender, or distance you have with each other. Our unique service helps couples get legally married in U.S. states that legally allow online marriages.

Since the pandemic started, couples faced overwhelming challenges especially with how to push through weddings despite the restrictions we are all experiencing. Here at Global Weddings Online, we help couples overcome the barrier and prove that love can conquer all. Plus, aside from customized packages made specially for you, we can also turn it into the cultural tradition you and your fiancee planned to. Making the wedding purely in line with what you planned even before the pandemic started.

Forget all the worries about location and expenses. Global Weddings Online will handle a wedding for you that is less hassle and super affordable, without losing the romantic touch you desire.. Let us know how you want to celebrate your BIG DAY by clicking the right package for you. Our calendar fills up fast so book your reservations now!

So Much To Think About. That’s Where We Come In.

Weddings can be both challenging and stressful, particularly in today’s age of the pandemic and travel restrictions. Most countries have laws that prohibit two people of the same gender or of certain religions from being able to get married.

Global Weddings Online is very grateful to have such artistic, skilled, and organized individuals on the team who will undoubtedly work and assist you in bringing your dream wedding to reality – in a special and contemporary manner that does not completely exclude the classic-romantic-traditional touch you desire your wedding to be.

Allowing us to take in-charge would not just lead you in experiencing a beautiful wedding of your own touch and taste, but a cost-efficient one that would not sacrifice the event’s elegance and uniqueness.


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“We welcome you to our Global Weddings Online Zoom weddings service. Though we’re made in Las Vegas, we are serving the world. Our weddings are 100% legal, can be certified by the State, and can be performed from the comfort of your home, wherever on earth you may be. Check out out value-added packages and let’s talk. My team and I are committed to YOU.”

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“We want couples of all backgrounds, religions, and lifestyles to enjoy a life of marriage together. We have tailored a product that is difficult to match, 100% legal, and professional. We will treat you like family, as you become one in life’s journey. Our team looks forward to meeting you!”

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"Art, Jannelle, and the rest of the Global Weddings Online team made our day great! We could not believe how easy the whole process was. Now Adam and I can enjoy our lives as spouses. Thanks for the great experience!" -- Steve from New York, USA


"Our day wedding was special, as we were able to legally wed with Global Weddings Online. Thanks for the great service and terrific Zoom production." -- Sarah and Jennifer from Australia


"We had no idea it was so easy to get married online! With the pandemic and lockdowns, we were wondering when we could wed. When we found Global Weddings Online, we found the answer. We appreciated the great service. Thanks, Wilma, for your prompt and attentive service, which helped make our wedding great!" -- Wes and Linda in Dubai

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