online weddingAre you looking for the best online wedding options for great keeps? For couples who want to keep their vows safe from the virus pandemic, getting married online may be a way to go.

But what are the legal requirements for an online wedding? How can you customize it to make it uniquely yours? This article will walk you through all you need to know about getting hitched digitally.

Who Can Perform an Online Wedding?

An online wedding can be officiated by anyone with the legal power to perform a marriage. A legally registered online-only officiant, such as Global Weddings Online, is the most common option. In some states, couples can also hire an officiant licensed in their jurisdiction to conduct an online wedding. Finally, for people who prefer a more personalized touch, couples may choose to have a family member or friend perform their ceremony if they are legally authorized to do so.

Considering Some Options

For couples wishing to get married online, the primary consideration is which option best meets their needs. An officiant from Global Weddings Online will provide the available ceremony with professional guidelines, vows and ring exchanges, and more.

More Preferences

Alternatively, couples may hire an in-state officiant if they prefer customized rituals beyond what online-only services offer. Finally, friends or family legally licensed to marry a couple may be considered for a more intimate affair. Regardless of preference, couples should research their options thoroughly to ensure they comply with local ordinances before deciding how they want to get married.

Considering Upgrades

Though Global Weddings Online offers digital wedding ceremony packages, some couples may want to upgrade their e-ceremony service by adding live music, an officiant from another state or country, or even a virtual toast with their wedding party. The most important factor for couples getting married online is ensuring their choice of ceremony reflects their commitment and honors their unique love.

Are There Other Digital Wedding Options?

In addition to having a virtual officiant, there are plenty of other digital wedding options for couples who want to make their big day special. Couples can live stream their ceremony via Twitch or YouTube and share it with their family and friends. 

There are also customization options depending on the couple’s preference; for example, they may choose a custom-designed website that displays photos in a photo album or pick from pre-made themes that offer customizable gifts, invitations, and more.

What is an Online Wedding?

An online wedding is a marriage ceremony conducted over the internet with an officiant, witnesses, and guests via video conferencing software. They offer couples the benefits of completing their weddings without having to be present in the same place physically.

This can make getting married more accessible for couples who are geographically separated or unable to travel due to current events. It also provides more creative options for couples seeking ways to customize their ceremony that aren’t available at a traditional venue.

Custom Options

With online weddings, the couple will design the ceremony like an in-person event. They can pick readings and music to share with their guests and exchange vows. The officiant will then perform the wedding service virtually, after which witnesses sign a wedding certificate sent to the couple’s home. An online wedding allows couples to celebrate publicly with their friends and family after legally declaring marriage without leaving their homes’ comfort.


Depending on the couple’s budget, online weddings can range from essential services and the exchange of vows to fully personalized ceremonies with music and special effects. Furthermore, an online wedding must not be a one-time event. Instead, couples can also host reception parties, where guests can virtually celebrate with interactive games and dancing. Additionally, many online wedding providers offer honeymoon packages allowing couples to design unique experiences wherever their travels take them.

online wedding planWhat Can You Do While Planning an Online Wedding? 

Planning an online wedding allows you to have fun and be creative in ways you can’t help when planning a traditional ceremony. You can customize your wedding with themes, virtual backdrops, special music, and more. You can also incorporate elements such as a live ceremony stream, quizzes for your guests, and personalized video messages from loved ones that can be shared during the ceremony.

Creative Freedom

Planning an online wedding can be as much fun as planning a traditional one, and you have more freedom to get creative with your ideas. You can set the tone for your ceremony by selecting a preferred wedding theme, classic romance, or vintage elegance.

Creating custom virtual backdrops is also popular. Think of it as decorating the place of your dreams, setting the perfect stage on which you’ll be married online.

Planning for Every Detail

You can take care of many other details while planning your virtual wedding. Figuring out who will officiate the ceremony and writing your vows come to mind, but don’t forget about things like cake and gifts for guests.

You’ll need to choose these elements carefully to ensure everything goes smoothly. Finally, remember to rest after the big day. Combining stress-relieving activities such as yoga, Pilates, or simple self-care routines – like taking a relaxing bath or getting extra sleep – could ensure you recover quickly afterward.

Legal Considerations

The first and foremost consideration regarding getting married online is the legal aspect. Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals, and the rules and regulations surrounding it vary depending on the country and state in which the couple resides. 

online wedding legalitiesOnline Wedding Legalities in the United States

In most countries, including the United States, getting married online is not legally recognized, and couples must obtain a marriage license and conduct a ceremony in person. However, some countries, such as Canada, have introduced virtual traditions as a temporary measure due to the pandemic.

Online Wedding Legalities Canada

It’s important to note that even if a country allows virtual ceremonies, there may still be requirements that must be met for the marriage to be legally recognized. For example, in Canada, the couple must be physically present during the ceremony, and an authorized officiant must conduct the ceremony. Similarly, in the United States, some states require the presence of witnesses during the ceremony.

Online Wedding Ceremonies

Assuming a couple has met all the legal requirements for getting married online, the next consideration is the wedding ceremony. Online wedding ceremonies can take many forms, from a simple exchange of vows via video chat to a more elaborate virtual event complete with guests and a live-streamed ceremony.

Acknowledging the Advantages

One of the advantages of an online wedding ceremony is that it can be conducted from anywhere in the world, allowing couples to get married without the expense of travel and accommodations. It also offers greater flexibility in timing, as couples can choose a time that works best for them and their guests, regardless of time zones.

Understanding Disadvantages

However, there are also some disadvantages to an online wedding ceremony. For one, it may have a different emotional impact than an in-person ceremony. Additionally, technical issues such as poor internet connectivity or video quality can detract from the overall experience.

virtual wedding vs traditional weddingVirtual Weddings vs. Traditional Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to reconsider their wedding plans, and virtual weddings have emerged as a viable alternative. While virtual weddings may not have the same emotional impact as in-person ceremonies, they offer several advantages over traditional weddings.


One of the most significant advantages of a virtual wedding is cost. Traditional weddings can be expensive, with prices for venues, catering, and decorations quickly adding up. A virtual wedding, on the other hand, can be conducted for a fraction of the cost, with couples needing only an internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone.

More Guests in Online Weddings

Another advantage of virtual weddings is the ability to include more guests. Traditional weddings are often limited by the size of the venue and the budget, but virtual weddings have no such limitations. Couples can invite as many guests as they like, regardless of location. This can be particularly beneficial for couples with family and friends who live far away and may be unable to attend an in-person ceremony.

Timing and Flexibility

Virtual weddings also offer greater flexibility in terms of timing. Traditional weddings often require couples to book venues and vendors well in advance, limiting the availability of dates. Virtual weddings, on the other hand, can be conducted at any time that works for the couple and their guests without planning.

Unique and Meaningful Experience in Traditional Weddings

That being said, traditional weddings also have their advantages. They offer a unique and memorable experience that virtual weddings may not be able to replicate. They also allow couples to celebrate with their loved ones in person, which can be particularly meaningful.

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