This blog was written to motivate other couples, no matter what their current situation in life is, to make their marriage a priority every day. The rituals and traditions, communication, and quality time that are part of a couple’s daily routine can help maintain your marriage and your marriage relationship.

Despite the fact that we said ‘I do’ in an online wedding, my relationship with my spouse was not perfect from the beginning. My wife and I are going to work on building a strong marriage every day of our lives!

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With this blog, I hope to encourage other couples to make their marriages strong and strive for a stronger relationship with their spouse every day. My mission is to help you connect with your spouse every day, no matter what your life throws your way, by finding creative ways to make time for your marriage

A Prioritized Marriage – How Does That Look?

You will always be compelled to attend to something or someone, regardless of where you are in life.

Taking your marriage seriously does not mean:

    • Putting everything you’ve got into it every single day.
    • A marriage prevents you from having a life or spending time with friends outside of it.
    • You might be under the impression that something else in your life may be more important or should come first.

Communicating and connecting with your spouse every day is essential to prioritizing your marriage. Taking time away from your busy lives to spend time together with just the two of you. Your spouse knows that you are thinking of them through the little things you do (think about their love languages). Making your marriage better by setting goals. Consider your spouse when making big decisions and take time to think about them frequently.

5 Tips To Make Your Marriage A Priority

  1. Your marriage deserves time and attention – A marriage doesn’t just happen; it has to be made possible. You may have too many priorities on your plate and not enough time to invest in bettering your marriage relationship, so it’s a good idea to reevaluate your priorities and how much time you are giving to other things in your life.
  2. Make date night a reality by finding creative ways to do it – Regular date nights give couples a chance to escape the responsibilities of adult life, develop deeper and more meaningful connections like they did when they were dating for the first time. As a married couple, I realize that most couples have different schedules and cannot travel on a traditional date night every week. The idea isn’t necessarily to go out for a fancy dinner or watch in a cinema. Enjoying and providing time for your partner are the most important things.
  3. Connecting and being intimate – The two of you must work to build intimacy in your marriage in order to establish a strong marriage relationship.
  4. Regular and clear communication is essential – It is so important to communicate in your marriage! A lack of communication can lead to frustration and a sense of disconnect between you and your partner
  5. Enjoy your time together – Parenting, managing finances, managing a household, etc., can become very stressful, especially when you’re a couple. Having fun on a daily basis is an important part of your relationship, just as it was in the beginning
    You will enjoy a better relationship with your spouse as you age if you continue to make your marriage a priority every day. Every year that passes, your spouse will become an even more important part of your life, and you will grow in love with them more and more. Looking back, you’ll be glad you had your best friend by your side the entire time you went through life’s adventures.
    There will come a time when you will look like that old couple you see in the park holding hands and looking very much in love. The decision to put your marriage first will prevent you from going into marriage and feeling as if you don’t know your spouse any longer or as if you’re just better roommates than a couple.


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