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Is it legal?
Definitely, some places like California and New York have even made a special order for online weddings. While for some, a special documents and requirements are just being requested to have the legality of marriage.
How much will it cost?
It depends on the set-up you would love to have on your special day. However, we have created different packages you can check on to have an idea.
Where does the main event will take place?
We are very flexible – you can have it in the backyard or at a chapel or even at the seashore as long as there is an internet connection. Definitely, your call, and we will just deliver!
Will there be a personnel from your team on the big day?
Of course! We are ready to assist you virtually from pre-planning to execution up to post-production.
How long does the process take?
It is depending on you how fast you want to get married. You have to schedule your wedding (date & time) online. After receiving your application and receiving the marriage license from the county we will reconfirm your scheduled wedding.
What gadget will I need to have an online wedding?
Simple devices would do. Smart phone cameras work very well to capture video. You can also use a laptop if you like as long as the camera and audio is working well.
What online platform do you use?
We usually use Microsoft Teams. Yet we can also use Zoom or Google Meet if you like.
What are the available mode of payments?
You can pay via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or credit card. Our coordinator will send you the Statement of Account with payment details once the agreement is done.
Can cultural tradition be included in the wedding ceremony?
Yes, we can customize your wedding into the cultural tradition you like. All packages can be customized.
Do we need to have a witness for the wedding?
Yes. It is one of our requirements to have a witness in which you personally know for the wedding.
Do other countries recognize our wedding?
Some countries recognize marriages solemnized in the US. Additional authentication of the marriage certificate for other countries may be required.
How should we dress for the ceremony?
Your attire or style is completely up to you! From formal wedding dress and dapper suit, to casual with shorts and flip flops.

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