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Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Yours Should Be Unique helps couples become legally married from anywhere in the world in an official US wedding ceremony. This is done virtually, in the comfort of your homes.

If you’re serious about getting married, but the restrictions of a wedding forbid you from being one, GlobalWeddingsOnline is perfect for you. This is a platform that sees no barriers to couples who want to get married, regardless of nationality, gender, or physical location.

The wedding ceremony will be conducted through Zoom meetings and is legalized by the government. In other words, the ceremony is legal and accepted formally in the comfort of your home. Additionally, to make everything official, GlobalWeddingsOnline will provide a hard copy of your marriage certificate which can be used as a legal document and proof of your marital status.


Prove That Your Love Is Unstoppable, Get Married!

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Legal and Official

An official marriage certificate stamp by the U.S. government will be delivered to your doorstep.


Convenient Marriage

Global Weddings Online will take care of all details and documents of your wedding because we believe that marriage should be stress-free.


Anyone, Anywhere Globally

Officially get married online even if you’re not a U.S. citizen and no matter where you are in the world.


Benefits of Marriage

Once officialized by the U.S. government, some countries offer legal benefits for married couples, like decreased taxes, parental and maternal leave, and more!


Love Sees No Distance

Distance shouldn’t hinder love. As long as you have the internet and a Zoom app, You can say “I Do” anywhere in the world.


Wedding of Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of having a full wedding with a reception lounge, host, online and fully legal? You can now can by calling us!


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"Art, Jannelle, and the rest of the Global Weddings Online team made our day great! We could not believe how easy the whole process was. Now Adam and I can enjoy our lives as spouses. Thanks for the great experience!" -- Steve from New York, USA


"Our day wedding was special, as we were able to legally wed with Global Weddings Online. Thanks for the great service and terrific Zoom production." -- Sarah and Jennifer from Australia


"We had no idea it was so easy to get married online! With the pandemic and lockdowns, we were wondering when we could wed. When we found Global Weddings Online, we found the answer. We appreciated the great service. Thanks, Wilma, for your prompt and attentive service, which helped make our wedding great!" -- Wes and Linda in Dubai

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